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Crown Royal Peach Whiskey Buy Online Home Delivery
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Unwind in luxury with a glass of Crown Royal Peach Flavored Whisky. To create this extraordinary blend, fresh Georgia peaches are harvested, de-stoned, pressed and strained to preserve their bright, aromatic taste. Then, our master blender infuses the juicy flavor for a vibrant and delicious whisky with luscious notes of creamy vanilla and a decadently sweet finish. Made with the signature smoothness of traditional Crown Royal, our peach flavored whisky will enhance a cozy cocktail party or rooftop celebration. Enjoy our whisky mixed with iced tea for a refreshing tasting cocktail. First created in 1939 as a gift for the king and queen of England, a Canadian entrepreneur created a blend of 50 whiskies and wrapped a bottle in a regal purple bag with gold stitching. Affectionately named "Crown Royal," our whisky maintains the integrity and quality of our process today as it was first presented to English royalty. Blended with 50 distinct whiskies, Crown Royal assures decadence in every bottle of our signature whiskies. Please drink responsibly.




The taste of ABSOLUT VODKA is rich, full-bodied and complex. It is smooth and mellow with a distinct character of grain, followed by a note of dried fruit. Introduced in 1979. ABSOLUT VODKA uses a process called continuous distillation, introduced in Sweden in 1879 by The Vodka King Lars Olsson Smith. The water we use comes from our own deep well. Producing its vodka in one location using local raw materials gives V&S Absolut Spirits complete control of all stages of production and ensures that every drop meets the company's high quality standard.

Bulleit Bourbon 750ML Shop Online Home Delivery
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Bulleit Bourbon is inspired by the whiskey pioneered by Augustus Bulleit over 150 years ago. Only ingredients of the very highest quality are used. The subtlety and complexity of Bulleit Bourbon come from its unique blend of rye, corn, and barley malt, along with special strains of yeast and pure Kentucky limestone filtered water. Due to its especially high rye content, Bulleit? Bourbon has a bold, spicy character with a finish that’s distinctively clean and smooth.

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Producer Chateau Lassegue
Country France
Region Saint-Emilion Grand Cru
Varietal Bordeaux Blend Red
Vintage 2011
Size 750ml
14 Hands Columbia Cabernet Sauvignon 750mL
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Juicy red wine that is rich with aromas of dark cherry, black currant, coffee and subtle hints of spice. Refined tannins with touch of spicy oak.  


14 Hands
Country United States
Region Washington
Subregion Columbia Valley
Varietal Cabernet Sauvignon
Vintage 2016
Size  750ml





 A true connoisseur's Tequila, 1800 Anejo is designed for the ultimate Tequila lover. Made from 100% Blue Agave, the dark amber hue comes from the deeply charred oak barrels in which it rests for more than one year. Luscious aromas of vanilla, nutmeg and cloves are combined with layers of intense butterscotch and chocolate. The rich, well-rounded flavor is an elegant marriage of Agave, spices and toasted oak with a pleasantly spicy finish of pepper and honey. 1800 Anejo is best enjoyed on its own, served neat or on the rocks with a twist of orange.

Dr. Mcgillicuddy’s Apple Whiskey 750ml Home Delivery
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The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree with the Doctor’s Apple Whiskey - smooth and distinctive. It’s infused with naturally crisp apple flavors and just a hint of tartness. So, find yourself some good company and enjoy this tasty treat.





One of the highest selling Tequila made from 100% Weber blue agave, where it was aged for 8-12 years.  Premier tasting tequila with smooth and flavor you will love.  Available for delivery to your home, business for your stock, party, celebration or just an event.  

11 Wells Minnesota Wheat Whiskey 750ml home delivery
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ice fishing and wind chill, but also for our wheat. The 11 Wells team has created this prototype to test different wheats and their flavor benefits to whiskey.

This protype series is intended to explore all that wheat has to offer. The producers will experiment with different wheats, yeast strains and barrel ages to find the best flavor possible.

11 Wells hopes you enjoy the process as much as they do!

A super lovely, extremely approachable wheat whiskey. 90% Minnesota spring wheat and 10% malted barley rounds out the mash bill. A mellow sweetness with cereal notes, vanilla and a peppery oak finish that lingers. A very young whiskey with a lot going for it.

Dewars White Label Blended Scotch Whiskey Home Delivery Contactless
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The iconic DEWAR'S White Label is a timeless Scotch whisky that tastes as full and round today as it did over a century ago when it was created by our first Master Blender, A.J. Cameron. DEWAR'S White Label contains around 40 of Scotland's finest single malts, with Aberfeldy at its heart. You'll find it rich, golden and mellow throughout.

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Producer Anthonij Rupert Wines
Country South Africa
Region Franschhoek Valley
Varietal Bordeaux Blend Red
Vintage 2011
Size 750ml


The taste of ABSOLUT RASPBERRI is rich and intense, revealing the fresh and fruity character of ripened raspberries. ABSOLUT RASPBeRRI has a unique and intense taste and the fragrance of ripened raspberries. Like all flavors in the ABSOLUT VODKA family, the ABSOLUT RASPBeRRI bottle and a name reflect the vodka's unique personality. The name, ABSOLUT RASPBeRRI, is descriptive of the flavor and resembles the english word, raspberry. The bottle is deep red with gray text. The deep shade of red suggests the intensity and ripeness of the raspberries. The gray text emphasizes the product's sophisticated and mature image and flavor. ABSOLUT RASPBeRRI can be enjoyed neat or with ice. It can also perfect in drinks and cocktails.




Absolut Pears is made exclusively from natural ingredients, and unlike most other flavored vodkas, it doesn't contain any added sugar. 




Absolut Mango is made exclusively from natural ingredients, and unlike most other flavored vodkas, it doesn't contain any added sugar. Absolut Mango is full-bodied and juicy with a character of ripe mango and notes of tropical fruits.

Dr. McGillicuddy's Honey Whiskey 750ml Shop Online For Home Delivery
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The doctor’s shady eye saloon was always a beehive of activity. We suspect that might be what inspired the doctor to create his honey whiskey. Natural honey flavor blended with whiskey results in a smooth easy to drink spirit that is not too sweet full-bodied and satisfying. 30% abv

Death's Door White Whiskey 750ML Shop Online For Home Delivery
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"A pioneer in the whisky category, Death’s Door White Whisky has an 80:20 mash bill of organic Washington Island Wheat to organic malted barley from Chilton, Wisconsin. The spirit is then double-distilled up to 160 proof (80% abv), rested in stainless steel and finished in uncharred Minnesota oak barrels to help bring the “white whisky” together and to meld this unique spirits’ flavors. The bouquet is one part “South of the Border”: artisanal cachaça, tequila; and one part “Eastern”: sweet potato shochu/soju and earthy sake. Yet, the palate is unmistakably whisky: a smooth double-distilled varietal with vanilla, chocolate covered raisin, and dark cherry flavors."

Catskill Distilling Company Buckwheat Whiskey 750ml Home Delivery
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Pretty brown color, engaging dry aromas of chalk, cement and dry earth that are mingled with caramel and cocoa bean in the first whiffs after the pour; seven minutes later, the nose is awash in cereal grain, honeyed and toasted marshmallow notes that somehow work. Entry is gently, succulently sweet, intensely grainy and rich in vanilla extract; mid palate goes deeper than the entry or the breakfast cereal front as the taste profile enlarges by the nanosecond to include zesty flavors of beeswax, caramel, nougat/candy bar and cane syrup. A new breed of American whiskey is born.

Bird Dog 10 Year Old Bourbon Whiskey 750ml Home Delivery
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Distilled in Kentucky from the highest quality ingredients, this new variant is a barrel strength version of Bulleit Bourbon with the same high-rye mash bill. Bulleit Barrel Strength won Best Straight Bourbon and received a Double Gold Medal from the 2018 San Francisco World Spirits Competition, and earned a score of 92 at the 2017 Ultimate Spirits Challenge – continuing Bulleit’s history of sharing award-winning whiskeys.

The barrels selected to create Bulleit Barrel Strength were emptied and combined into a single batch without the inclusion of any additional water after the whiskey was removed from the barrels. Aged and bottled at Stitzel-Weller in Louisville, Ky., this new offering allows bartenders and fans of great whiskey the opportunity to taste Bulleit Bourbon straight out of the barrel, uncut and non-chill filtered.

Bulleit Barrel Strength is medium-amber in color, with gentle spiciness and sweet oak aromas. The mid-palate is smooth with tones of maple, oak, and nutmeg. The finish is long, dry, and satiny with light toffee flavors, and deepened oak notes.

Bulleit Barrel Strength alcohol by volume varies by batch because the bourbon is bottled straight from the barrel, uncut and unfiltered, but will generally range from 120-125 proof.

Bulleit 10 Year Old Bourbon Whiskey 750ml Shop Online Home Delivery
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Bulleit Bourbon, "Frontier Whiskey" was originally distilled in 1830. Over the years the brand has moved from one company to another and one distillery to another. Since 1997 Bulleit has been a Seagram product and it is made at their Lawrenceburg distillery in Kentucky. Bulleit is produced with a higher proportion of rye than most other Bourbons, creating a drier more complex spirit. The distillery has its own Grain Division, which acquires distiller's grade grains grown to Bulleit's specification. Only limestone-filtered water is used during production which sees the whiskey distilled in small batches then aged for no less than six years in a single-story warehouse (which is said to reduce inconsistencies in the maturation process). In March, 2004 Bulleit Bourbon won the Gold Medal for being in the top of its class at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition - beating more expensive and better known premium bourbons such as Knob Creek, Maker's Mark and Jim Beam Black.

  • James Suckling90
  • Wine Advocate93
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  • Wine Spectator Insider94


Producer Santa Rita
Country Chile
Region Maipo Valley
Varietal Cabernet Sauvignon
Vintage 2013
Size 750ml
  • Vinous91
  • Wine Advocate92
  • Wine Enthusiast92
  • Wine Spectator92

The 2013 Rocca Delle Macie G.C. Sergio is a ruby red tending towards garnet. Rich, exceptional, and complex notes of cherry, plum, and zest makes it a fine-looking wine. Dry, delicate, tenderly tannic with great structure is what it has. This wine is especially appropriate to meat and first courses. The dried cherry and strawberry smell and flavors just as lemongrass and lemon skin character. Medium body, splendid acidity, and spotless completion makes Chianti Classico a solid wine. Plowed soil, ready plum, blue iris, and a whiff of zest meet up on the button. The dynamic, delicious sense of taste offers ready wild cherry, squashed raspberry, mocha, and clove nearby fine-grained tannins.


Producer Rocca delle Macie
Country Italy
Region Chianti Classico
Varietal Sangiovese
Vintage 2013
Size 750ml
  • Wine Advocate89



Producer Freemark Abbey
Country USA
Region Rutherford
Varietal Cabernet Sauvignon
Vintage 2011
Size 750ml

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