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Hennessy Privilege VSOP Cognac 750 ML | Alcohol Delivery
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Today Hennessy Privilege has become established as the world's favorite VSOP Cognac, and is recognised for its harmonious and well-structured blend. On the nose, the first fragrances perceived are soft spices such as vanilla, clove and cinnamon. Then delicate toasted notes follow, arising from the maturation in oakbarrels.On the palate, the natural balance of strength and smoothness creates a harmonious blend in which maturity combines with vigor. The structure is softened by a suggestion of fresh grape character.

Hennessy VS Cognac Artist Series, Limited Ed. Buy Online Home Delivery

For the first time since Hennessy began its urban art-inspired limited edition series, the artist JonOne created a standalone masterpiece to express his vision of Hennessy. The creation of the design itself mirrors the elaborate process of cognac.

Colors, symbols and freestyle brushstrokes combine with different graphic techniques to reveal a fresh artistic vision of Hennessy codes: 1765, the year Hennessy was founded; the grape vines, representing the source of Cognac’s prized eaux-de-vie; the diamond quilted pattern, which envelops the cork on each bottle; and the 3 stars, evocative of the early days of Hennessy Very Special’s quality classification.

The result is a final artwork that perfectly blends the styles of both artist and Maison.

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<p>Sit and sip a classic alcoholic beverage at your next party or special event with a bottle of Hennessy VS Cognac 750ml. Enjoy the bold and velvety flavor that makes this a one-of-a-kind drink. It is made with hand-selected blends of eau de vie and has been aged up to eight years to produce a distinctly rich taste, aroma and flavor. This Cognac brandy contains 40 percent alcohol by volume and opens with sweet wood and nutty fragrances that tease the taste buds. The palate is warm and filled with floral notes. This alcohol comes in a 750ml bottle and makes a thoughtful holiday, birthday or anytime gift for a Hennessy lover.</p>
Courvoisier Cognac VS 750ml
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Courvoisier proudly boast their Cognac as that of Napoleon. It all started when Napoleon took hundreds of bottles of Courvoisier Cognac for his years of exile. Napoleon told Emmanuel Courvoisier that whilst he could be given the Hennessy or the Cristal, or indeed the Remy, it was the Courvoisier he really wanted.

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